People through the eyes of robots: emotions and scenery take centre stage at JUST DILIJAN IT!

The audience witnessed the emotions of the young actors along with the beautiful scenery and costumes made with their own hands. The unique performance of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to History” took place at the second Family session of JUST DILIJAN IT! 2018. It was created under the guidance of Director Danila Arikov and Architect Daria Turanskaya.

The stage depicted a world populated only by robots, with no humans left. To look into the past of humanity and see how it used to live, a robot family goes on an exciting journey through time. The audience travels across different époques and places along with this loveable family: classic Petersburg, gothic Venice and ancient Greece. The children skillfully showed the characteristic features and traditions of these eras through their acting and with the help of the costumes and stage sets that they created themseleves.