“Explore: The Future”: The Highlights

The culmination of “Explore: The Future” marked the end of the 2017 summer season of JUST DILIJAN IT! More than 60 children from the United States, Armenia, Russia, Belgium and the UAE took part.

Each day offered something different from the previous one. The experts helped the kids to create their own projects, from biological research and experiments to film-making. The counsellors thought up fun evening events, conducted talent shows, quests, games and held friendly discussions around important topics. The kids all together also played football, basketball, tennis and spent time swimming in the pool.

There were hikes and excursions, where the adults and children had the chance to share their knowledge, appreciate the natural beauty of Armenia and simply sit in silence, listening to the sounds of the forest, or enjoy the sunset.

Programme participants visited an adventure park, where they rode a zip line, overcoming their fears to reap the rewards of the exhilarating experience of flying. In the middle of the programme, they celebrated the Holi Festival of Colours and had a huge water fight.

For two weeks, the kids were playing ‘Secret Friend’, making pleasant surprises for each other, singing and playing musical instruments for their own pleasure, and on the last day of the group made wishes around the farewell campfire amid promises to see each other again.

In just these two weeks of the summer, each of the kids was able to discover and reveal their talent, develop self-belief and become more self-reliant, make new friends, and understand that the world around offers infinite possibilities.