A performance of Carmen, or the closing of the first Family session

Spain, Seville, 1830. It’s early morning. The city is waking up and the girls are heading off to work at the tobacco factory. Carmen is late. A fight breaks out and the blame’s been put on Carmen. An officer orders Don José, a soldier, to escort Carmen to prison...

This is how begins the story of Carmen the Gypsy, a stealer of hearts, capable of bewitching all around her.

The story of the freedom-loving Spanish woman, who captivated the soldier Don José, escaped with smugglers, fell in love with the handsome Torero and then stabbed by the deceived soldier was put on by the kids from the first Family session #jdifamily.

These 6–9 year-olds, meeting for the first time, together with Daniil Arikov, the director of the children’s theatre studio Stanislavsky, managed to stage a show in just seven days and with only five rehearsals – a truly remarkable achievement!

The pure energy and incredible imagery caused tears to well in the eyes of the audience during the finale.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this performance happen.

The first family session is now declared closed!