The masters of mathematics and their multicoloured time machine

The campers who took part in the “Fun Maths” Family programme built a time machine and earned the title “Master of Mathematics”.

The children discovered an enigmatic book, inside of which was a mysterious blueprint for a time machine. All the kids on the session, together with their parents and the educators, set about building it using mathematical knowledge gathered from different eras and peoples: the Babylonians and Egyptians, Greeks, Arabs, scholars from the Middle Ages and the present day. The machine they created had a magical air, it featured arches of tetrahedrons, a huge pyramid, a chessboard and a Greek portico with columns. But to launch the programme, the participants had to pass some tests, in which they applied all the knowledge and skills gathered in this session.

When at last the time machine came to life, everyone had an incredible shock: it rumbled, lit up with coloured lights and spoke in a mechanical voice. The group then went into the mysterious labyrinth of time, hidden in the bowels of the mechanism, and each teammate got a personal key for the machine and the title of “Master of Mathematics”.
Look at what took place in our colourful photo gallery.