Travelling with JUST DILIJAN IT! Garni and Geghard

The temples of Garni and Geghard are two of Armenia’s most popular landmarks and, of course, we couldn’t let the kids come to JUST DILIJAN IT! without taking them to visit these sights.

Garni was built as a temple of the sun god in the 1st century AD. But it was destroyed in 1679 during an earthquake, only later being restored in the 1970s. By standing near the pillars of the temple, the stunning views from this ancient site will be revealed to you. And if you leave the usual tourist route and head down to the gorge, then you can sit on the bank of a mountain river and admire the sheer cliffs, watching the birds as they soar high in the sky.

The Geghard monastery is included in the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage sites, and even the most seasoned travellers are awed by the fact that part of the premises of the monastery complex are completely carved out from rock.

And at sunset, you can again look around these remarkable places in a new light, when literally for just a couple of minutes the mountains around turn pink.