Variety for picky eaters

All parents worry about the health of their children and pay attention to how meals are organized at summer camps. We’ve prepared a photo report about how and what we feed the children at JUST DILIJAN IT!

Each day the menu offers up a variety of fresh and, most importantly, healthy dishes. For breakfast, there is nourishing porridge, muesli, scrambled eggs and matzoon, while for lunch and dinner there is a large selection of soups, fresh meat and fish, side dishes and vegetables. There’s also freshly baked bread: Armenian matnakash and lavash.

Compotes and refreshing drinks are prepared from fruits with herbs collected in the Dilijan National Park. Lunch and dinner end with desserts, such as chocolate muffins, baklava or gata. Throughout the day, the kids are offered local seasonal fruits. The menu also contains gluten-free, vegetarian and dietary products.

And on one of the days we introduce our participants to the national cuisine, presenting only dishes prepared to original Armenian recipes.