The last day of the first JDI! 2019 kids’ session

It’s time to reveal the results from the two-week projects that the guys selected at the start of the session.

The “defence” took place in front of invited guests: the family and friends of the participants.

Biologists and chemists from the Science & Nature programme demonstrated to an amazed public their experiments on water purification and the creation of a closed ecosystem. Future entrepreneurs from the Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship programme presented their business start-up plans: one project, “Uber” for entrepreneurs to find investors, created by 10-year-old Ulyana, especially impressed the guests.

In the late afternoon, a friendly crowd all flowed into the hall of the Black Box for the premiere put on by the Performing Arts participants: a performance about how important it is to feel from the heart in an era when digits displace sincerity and real emotions.

The day ended with a friendly match with a team from the participants of the Football programme and a team of JDI! counsellors and experts.

It’s less than a day before the camp breaks up. But we’ll think about that tomorrow…