Unusual paper and bat-and-ball game: “Explore: Culture” gets underway

The “Explore: Culture” programme is taking place on UWC Dilijan campus from 22 June until 5 July. All the participants are discovering the culture of Armenia and Dilijan through studying history and art, as well as learning how to do their own historical research and write journals.

In the first days, the kids have already managed to get to know the experts and find projects that they’ll run with for the next two weeks, play “Dilijan Runs!”, learn the rules of a bat-and-ball game called lapta, go on a hiking tour to the medieval Haghartsin monastery, set up a real publishing house on the UWC Dilijan campus and even release the first issue of the “Almost Daily JUST DILIJAN IT! News”, take part in a theatrical evening and play “What? Where? When?”