Launch of the 2018 JUST DILIJAN IT! season

Four fun-filled sessions for boys and girls aged 9-16 will be held from 7 June to 4 August on the spectacular UWC Dilijan campus.

All this year’s campers have got a real summer adventure waiting for them. They’ll be playing sports and taking part in competitions, heading out on excursions and hikes, putting on shows and performances, creating their own projects, getting stuck into fascinating research and experiments, and meeting both old and new friends. In addition to our already well-loved programmes, there are also some new surprises in store this season.

The UWC Dilijan campus has everything that you could possibly need for an active life: a FIFA standard football field, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a fitness centre, basketball courts, a concert hall, computer rooms and science labs equipped with all the latest tech, and much more.

Since the launch of JUST DILIJAN IT! in 2016, over 500 boys and girls from the USA, Germany, France, Belgium, UAE, Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Switzerland and the United Kingdom have taken part.

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New family programmes for children aged 6-9 and their parents will also be introduced for the first time in 2018. Find out more.

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