The 2019 children’s programmes

JUST DILIJAN IT! is delighted to announce our 2019 line-up of original summer programmes for children and teenagers.

JUST DILIJAN IT! is a summer camp in Russian and English for kids and teens aged 9 – 16 years old, held on the ultra modern international UWC Dilijan school campus in the resort town of Dilijan, Armenia, located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level and surrounded by the protected forests and high mountains of the Aghstev river valley.

All the programmes at JUST DILIJAN IT! are based on the concept of edutainment, in which teaching is conducted in an interactive and playful way, guaranteeing a productive, safe and exciting environment that promotes self-confidence, new skills, and the ability to build long-term relationships.

The campus has all one could need for optimal relaxation, education, creativity, and sports. There are science labs, art workshops, a concert hall, a library, an Olympic-size swimming pool, and a FIFA-standard football pitch.
The UWC Dilijan campus is completely shut to outsiders and is under constant 24/7 video surveillance. Experienced doctors, nurses and psychologists provide medical and emotional support and, if there is an emergency, helicopter may be used for transportation to the best medical centres of Yerevan.

The 2019 children’s programmes

This summer, we are offering the children two sessions in Russian and two in English, each of which will be divided into five themed tracks. Our young guests will be able fuel their potential by selecting one of the tracks.

Young performers will enjoy classes in stage practices, training in operating a camera and scriptwriting, making costumes, scenery and fashioning the main characters, which the children will think up themselves in the Performing Arts programme. This is the track for those who understand that the magic of the cinema and theatre isn’t just about going on stage or in front of the camera. The programme is about the development of imaginative, creative thinking, the ability to communicate, understand tasks, build common interests and negotiate with partners, and it develops self-confidence, which grows after each performance or take.

Those keen on the natural sciences will find plenty to interest them in the Science & Nature programme. This is the track for all budding researchers. The diversity of Armenia’s nature and educational expeditions, in which children will solve the riddles of the surrounding world and make scientific experiments, their own inventions and discoveries – this is what awaits the future chemists, physicists, biologists and natural scientists.

Football is the track for all true football fans. The kids can look forward to professional training in their favourite sport with the coaches of one of the best football clubs in the world, whose name will cause their young hearts to skip a beat and make this summer one to remember! Fans of sports and an active lifestyle will be interested to learn the theory of correct sports training and apply it in practice, further develop their motor skills and coordination, improve psychological skills and learn how to cook healthy food, helping them to achieve even better results.

Visual Arts & Architecture is the track for future artists, architects, designers and aesthetes who look at life through an artistic lens. There are classes in visual culture and architecture, creative and design-orientated thinking, the history of art and design, the basics of graphic, industrial and fashion design.

Finally, classes in social entrepreneurship, the development of leadership potential, skills in solving business cases and negotiating, teamwork – all this waits in store for future leaders in the Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship programme. This is the track for those who understand the importance of their personal contribution to making the world a better place. In the social entrepreneurship classes, the kids will find out which social activities they can get involved with and find the ones which really inspire them.