An amazing show accompanied the JUST DILIJAN IT! presentation in Yerevan

On 18 April, a presentation of all the fun programmes running at the JUST DILIJAN IT! summer camp was held at the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies in Yerevan.

Parents got the chance to chat and put their questions to the director of JUST DILIJAN IT! Natalia Podolnaya and the head of the 2017 summer programme Yury Gorvits, as well as the experts who’ll be working with the kids during their time at the camp – Yulia Kuznetsova, Vladislav Chaychits, Sergey Korneev, Slava Ignatov and Alexander Lyskovsky.

While the parents were busy discussing the ins and outs of the summer programme with the experts and organizers, the kids went on an interesting quest in Tumo Park. We divided the kids into four teams, and everyone learned how and why volcanoes erupt, how you can use fruit as musical instruments and how mathematics is used in everyday life.

Even more, the kids took advantage of their flexibility to make some animal figures out of... their own shadows!

As each task was ticked off, the teams got a piece of a QR code that was the key to the answer! With the QR code in the final quest, Alexander Lyskovsky showed the kids how modern technology works and just how many exciting opportunities it provides us today.

“Don’t be surprised by bananas plugged into laptops, bright flashes of fire or puzzles in the style of Harry Houdini. It’s what makes learning much more fun. Not only for kids, but also for the teachers. So, for the new presentation, we invited the very same experts who will be teaching at the camp in Dilijan this summer. To show our unique approach. To surprise and engage the children. But, above all, to introduce the interesting and open people who will be working this summer in Dilijan,” said Sergey Korneev, the curator of the science programme for JUST DILIJAN IT!