Life is a stage

Parents who send their children to drama studio think they’ll see the results on the stage. But this is a mistake. Even ardent theatregoers cannot fully appreciate and comprehend all the work that goes into a performance. So what exactly is theatre?

Danila Arikov, JUST DILIJAN IT! expert, director-educator, actor at the Practica theatre, Centre of Drama and Directing and the Meyerhold Centre, leader and director of the STANISLAVSKY Children’s Theatre Studio, spoke about why children are engaged in theatre.

“Theatre is a collective work, a phased process. Where you are stringing meanings like beads. At the same time, you have to keep in mind the director’s tasks. No one needs you to come on the stage to simply read some text. Not me, not the kids. Theatre teaches us to understand our tasks, find common interests and be able to negotiate with partners.

Theatre develops figurative and creative thinking. It makes one imagine and bring to life the idea of an author that might be 2000 years old. Kids that come to me have heard nothing about the author, or about the material, or about the era in which the material was created. And they succeed in this!

Theatre builds self-confidence, which grows after each appearance on the stage.

Theatre is real: you can’t make a mistake and redo it. Unlike other areas where you can finish, make corrections, ask an adult for assistance, you can’t do this in theatre. And this it what makes it such a strong branch of further education. It’s also a very rewarding life experience.

Theatre is the ability to communicate. No matter what direction in life the children choose: humanities, natural science or technical – the ability to communicate is one of the most fundamental skills we can possess today”.

Danila implements this philosophy not only in his own theatre studio, but also at the JUST DILIJAN IT! summer camp for children and teenagers, where the kids not only take part in theatrical practices, but also make the decorations and costumes themselves in the architecture, painting and design classes, learn to really listen and comprehend one another, put faith in their partners on the stage and in life, while discovering a new amazing side to themselves.

A journey across continents and epochs, incredible discoveries and curious facts, learning to work both independently and in a team, firing the imagination and conjuring new worlds from out of nothing – this is what the educators teach in the theatre classes at JUST DILIJAN IT!

Well, if after spending the summer in Dilijan your child gets a “hunger” for the theatre, you know what to do!