The participants of “Explore: Culture” presented their final projects

On 4 July 2017, UWC Dilijan campus once more welcomed a plethora of guests as the participants of the second programme “Explore: Culture” at JUST DILIJAN IT! presented their final projects. The kids showed the assembled visitors and parents what they had been devoting their time and energy to for the past two weeks.

The children and experts opened up the exhibition hall for their work. There, the guests were able to see the issues of the “Almost Daily JUST DILIJAN NEWS”, comics, photographic projects, spectacular 3D masks made for the masquerade ball, and the kind and intelligent dragon-robot Venechka.

The “Film and Photography”, “Humanitarian Research” and “Art” labs joined forces to work on “The Publishing House” project, where the kids, together with the experts, produced a newspaper, several comics, took pictures with an ancient camera obscura, undertook documentary and artistic photography, wrote scripts, articles, worked in the craft workshop, and filmed cartoons and movies. 

Instead of a typical campus excursion, the group thought up their own “Parent’ Day” quest for the guests – an enormous geocentric intellectual game. They also showed off the “Dilijan Camp” map, showing the history of the paths they’d taken and describing the attractions, along with an infographic about them. The kids presented the “Most Typical Person” project, which collected statistics on all the participants of the JUST DILIJAN IT! programmes and then calculated and created a portrait of them, presenting the results as an infographic. The “Arrows of Time” web project was revealed, a prototype created in JavaScript and URNode.js, which will allow one to quickly search for historical events within a certain period of time.

During the programme, the children created many video projects. Among them was the short film “Mech-a-movie”, starring the robotic dragon Venechka, designed in the “Robotics” lab, “Brave Knight Valley” and the cartoon “The Witch and the Hunter”. Participants also presented a video project called “Dreams” and an interview with the head of the “Art” laboratory, Vladimir Lopatin.

Together with the youngsters from Dilijan and the Dilijan Community Center, under the leadership of the theatrical expert Vahan Badalyan, the participants put in a consummate performance, bringing to life the show “Boldly Buzzing Fly” by K. Chukovsky.

The evening ended with a concert by an experimental orchestra, where the boys performed classical works, rock numbers, and even some ultra-modern jazz. The young musicians also played self-made instruments and performed together with a talented Armenian musician.