Introducing the kids & teens programme experts

In the new season of JUST DILIJAN IT! for children aged 9-16, participants will meet our professional and extraordinary educators who will reveal to them an incredible world of discoveries, new knowledge and skills.

Maria Yarina - biologist, science populariser and organizer of adventure expeditions for children, and Yulia Kuznetsova - geographer, PhD, author and presenter of popular science programmes for kids at the Polytechnic Museum (Moscow, Russia), will both take part in the programme for the second year running. Maria and Yulia will be responsible for the Nature & Technology round and will lead research into nature and the environment with the children, introduce new technologies, study the mysteries of nature and organize scientific research about the environment.

Also returning to JUST DILIJAN IT! is Vladimir Lopatin - artist, illustrator and co-founder of the Live Bubbles comic book publishing house. This time he will lead Visual Arts in the first and second round and will talk about all aspects of his craft, various drawing techniques and design.

In the third and fourth round, Vladimir will be replaced by Natacha Kalfayan, art director and designer at the TUMO Centre for Creative Technologies (Armenia), and Lada Shapovalova, graphic designer and teacher at the British Higher School of Design (Russia). They will continue to reveal to the children the secrets of creative and design thinking and teach them to look at the world with wide-open eyes.

Greta Suscevicute - director, theatre and film actress and acting teacher - and Franco Strydom - director, screenwriter, cinema and TV producer and music technology specialist - will both lead Performing Arts. They will teach the children how to express themselves by using acting techniques, talk about the development of screenplays, costumes and scenery, and will create a film or theatre project with participants.

Anastasia Leonova - business coach and author of management programmes for children - will talk about the generation of exceptional ideas in business, how to work in a team and entrepreneurship in Leadership. The children will learn to solve unusual problems, learn to negotiate and to prepare presentations.

Ivan Manko - sports instructor, PE teacher and football academy coach - will talk about sport and being active and healthy in Healthy Lifestyle & Sports. Participants can expect not only smart-workouts but also new knowledge about how simple habits will help make children even stronger, more beautiful and successful.

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