December 11 marks the beginning of sales for the new summer season of JUST DILIJAN IT!

Summer 2018 in JUST DILIJAN IT! will consist of four sessions, each lasting 14 days – two in English, and two in Russian. The overall programme runs from 7th June to 4th August on the splendid and ultra-modern UWC Dilijan campus in Armenia.

Kids aged 9–16 can look forward to studying with experienced educators, choosing their own paths through various subjects, going on specially designed excursions and hikes, playing games and sports, and, of course, having the unique experience of being amongst an international crowd and immersing themselves in a quite unique environment.

Everything that the state-of-the-art UWC campus contains is open to the campers: a football field, swimming pool, basketball court, concert hall, art workshops, science labs and modern computer rooms.

Since the launch of JUST DILIJAN IT! in 2016, over 500 boys and girls from the USA, Germany, France, Belgium, UAE, Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Switzerland and the United Kingdom have taken part in the programme.

Join our community of self-reliant, caring individuals who are open to thinking big and putting their ideas into action. Fill out the form to take part in the camp, or get in touch with us to request more information.

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