First kids’ session at JUST DILIJAN IT! 2018 ended

Time flies so fast, and we’ve said our fond farewells to the kids who took part in the first session, which took place from 7 to 20 June.

In the two-week programme, the youngsters picked up scientific, creative and cognitive skills, and created more than 15 projects under the guidance of their group experts.

The kids in the Performing Arts group created an immersive play based on “Romeo and Juliet”, which took place across the entire UWC Dilijan campus and, despite the pouring rain and thunderstorm that took everyone by surprise, the actors delighted all the parents who came to see the show.

In the Leadership group, the children came up with real business plans for commercial and social projects aimed at the development of sports, entertainment and the educational infrastructure of Dilijan. They also made a short film about autism, and even provided recommendations for improving the food in the dining room. Of particular interest is that the menu for the second session was redesigned in accordance with their suggestions.

The children in the Visual Arts group created a collection of hand-drawn comics, while those taking part in the Healthy Lifestyle & Sports group explained how to build a proper daily routine for themselves, why we need regular physical activity, and also held a physical training session at the final event which the parents joined in.

The Nature & Technology group not only conducted many studies of the camp’s ecology (bacterial and chemical analyses of water, air and soil), but found an interesting way to present their work in the form of arevakhach – the Armenian symbol of eternity. Interestingly, the sign itself was made of fabrics that the kids coloured with dyes extracted from plants growing around the camp.

During these two weeks, the students also learned about the culture of Armenia, visited the most beautiful monasteries in Akhtala and Lori, went hiking and discovered the gorgeous nature surrounding them on all sides. Another memorable moment was the trip to the Apaga extreme park and a breathtaking ride down the zipline there.