Family Times: Fun Maths

The children and adults played a game of “living” chess, engineered a time machine, solved puzzles and held a mummy-party.

The children, with help from the adults, built a time machine, and set it in motion at the final event. All the participants, from the smallest children to the biggest grown-ups, had to undertake the final challenge: to crawl through the labyrinth.

They all enthusiastically played “living chess”, which involved drawing a huge chessboard. The parents, along with the kids, made colourful costumes for themselves and traversed the squares – they became the chess pieces and learned how important it was to use strategy and skills to achieve victory. The result? The children beat the parents twice! The victory was achieved through excellent training in chess – daily coaching with Sofia Repina, an experienced teacher who has trained dozens of young champions during her career. 

The adults came in handy for their engineering skills, because one of the challenges for them was the construction of a huge cardboard pyramid, around which they put on a fun mummy party afterwards. Using rolls of paper and scotch tape, the parents quickly turned their kids into mummies, who then performed a parade – before being unwound, turning back again into people.

Of course, there was also a gastronomic excursion with scenic views on a trip to lake Sevan, where the parents and the children tried the famous freshwater fish.

There were serious conversations too, for example, an entire debate with psychologists and experts about educational systems and non-formal approaches to learning. There was also one about the connection between family and the school, looking for an answer to the question of how to maintain a relationship with the school, while not letting the system crush the child.

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