Family Times: “Around the world in 9 days”

A shadow puppet theatre, a Chinese dragon, a sea of chamomiles and wonderment: how the first family programme at JUST DILIJAN IT! 2018 will be remembered.

Dilijan turned into the centre of the world for the participants of “Around the World in 9 Days” session. In Dilijan, they embarked on a fascinating journey through the cultures of distant lands: Japan, China, Indonesia, the Inuit, and of course Armenia itself.

The girls and boys were introduced to the traditional shadow puppet theatre and got to work with it themselves: they prepared voices for the characters, learned how to operate the puppets and put on a show.

The group even made a proper Chinese dragon, replete with red tape and fake fur, and a head made from papier-mâché.

They also handmade their kimonos for the performance. The children painted the fabric with natural dyes: beetroot juice, turmeric, coffee and saffron, adorned with a patterned print of polymer clay.

The adults were mesmerized by several murals in charcoal and gouache in the style of Niko Pirosmani.

The parents were really having fun, including at the theatre masterclass where they were able to loosen up, feel their voice, facial expressions, learn sign language and just have a great time.

In the Apaga extreme park all received their fair dose of adrenaline on the zipline.

At a mountain pass on the way to the alpine lake Sevan, the largest in the entire Caucasus, the group came upon a large chamomile field, which made an incredible backdrop for their photos.