Family Times: “Architectural Commotion”

Taking the spotlight was a big performance by small stage artists.

Through putting on “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to History”, the group really got to work well as a team, getting involved with everyone, from the camp’s director to the volunteers.

The children built the scenery themselves in the architecture classes. They had a difficult job to do: to create a fantastical head – a gargoyle, and decorate bas-reliefs of buildings with images of animals. That’s how the kids learned to tell sheep from goats, bulls from horses, and panthers from leopards, which isn’t as straight forward as may seem at first glance.

For the show itself, the kids and the parents built the scenery together, sewed costumes, made props and sorted out the lights and music. But the greatest contribution, of course, was made by the children who put on a difficult show with lots of words, a variety of costumes and complex scenery just perfectly... and all aged from 6 to 9 years! 

The children had big roles to learn, they did lots of rehearsing, and if someone forgot their words an unexpected prompter was always ready to help – four-year-old Maryam. While she didn’t take part in the play herself, she still managed to remember the big monologues of her sisters and prompt them in the right place.

In a special theatre masterclass, the parents had to read poems in the dark, freeing their voices and improving their memory, and it also helped them to overcome the fear of speaking in public.

Everyone went on a trip to lake Sevan. The poppy fields were in full bloom at the time, and the group had a wonderful photo session there.

There was also a culinary masterclass, where the participants prepared traditional garni yarakh, meat with aubergine, at the Toon Armeni hotel. The dishes came out very tasty, the grown-ups wrote down the recipes and said they’ll be trying them at home too.

At the final event, the mother of one of the participants brought homemade pastries from Yerevan – delicious apricot cake (Armenian apricot season was in full swing) and homemade gata, so that the family programme had a proper family atmosphere.