The final programme of the JUST DILIJAN IT! 2017 began

The final programme of the JUST DILIJAN IT! 2017 summer season began on 22 July: “Explore: The Future”

More than 60 children from different countries came to the heart of Armenia not only to spend two weeks in the stunningly beautiful mountain valley, home to the city of Dilijan and the campus of the UWC Dilijan international college, where they can rest and recuperate, but also to engage in projects about creating the city of the future.

How is transport or education going to be organized, what will be in fashion and what technologies will people use? What laws will be in place and what will our homes look like? These and many other questions will be answered by the participants of the programme.

Sports, music, workshops, evening events, and getting to know one of the world’s oldest cultures – it’s impossible to list everything that the kids will be up to over the next two weeks.