Announcing our line-up of experts for the JUST DILIJAN IT! 2017

We are delighted to share our line-up of experienced experts in various fields who will be coming to JUST DILIJAN IT! this summer to run our themed “laboratories”.

This year’s summer JUST DILIJAN IT! smart programme for kids runs from 7 June to 4 August, on the campus of the UWC Dilijan international boarding school, in Dilijan, Armenia. There will be four groups, each lasting 14 days – two in English and two in Russian. All the programmes have a common theme – “Explore”, and are focused around designing projects in one of ten “laboratories”: Intellectual games, Publishing, Computer technology, Theatre, Architecture, art and design, Film and photography, Science, Robotics, Crafts, Sport. Our unrivalled experts in these fields will be on hand, inspiring the kids to discover new things.

You can get to know more about our experts and counsellors from our website and our Facebook page.

Don’t put off booking your child’s place on JUST DILIJAN IT! Preparations for summer are now in full swing, and places on the programme are going quickly!

Get in touch with our team who will be pleased to answer all your questions by phone on +7 495 909 93 70 (Moscow), +374 94 33 29 11 (Yerevan) or by email