Which of our experts will be at the “Explore: The Human Being” programme?

We’re delighted to introduce you to our team of experts, who are on their way to JUST DILIJAN IT! for the first programme, “Explore: The Human Being” which runs from 7 to 20 June.

For two weeks, those taking part in the “Explore: The Human Being” programme will improve their skills in already familiar areas, as well as expand their knowledge into new spheres. The programme’s interactive sessions are built around the kids creating their own projects in one of ten labs. We present to you the experts who will be running the labs for the first group.

The Computer technology lab will be headed up by Olga Ryasnaya-Bredikhina, educator and mobile technology populariser. The children will learn how to create electronic guides and e-books, familiarize themselves with the stages of creating augmented and virtual reality, train the Sphero robot to walk in a complex “urban” environment, and get to grips with the skills needed for engineering design.

The Art laboratory is being run by artist and designer Natalia Zakharova. Together with Natalia, the kids will learn the fundamental skills of painting and composition and learn to use image-editing software.

The Theatre laboratory will be headed by theatre expert and director Vyacheslav Ignatov. He’ll reveal the mysteries of the theatrical production and help to put on a shadow play! The Film & photography lab will be in the capable hands of Evgeniya Chapaykina, photographer, artist and lecturer at the Multimedia Art Museum. Evgeniya will teach the kids at this summer’s JUST DILIJAN IT! how to use a digital camera, share her experience of putting on exhibitions and help the kids to master different aspects of practical photography.

The Humanitarian research laboratory is being managed by Alexey Oleynikov, writer and literature teacher. Alexey will set up a writing studio with the kids, helping them to learn about themselves through writing their own compositions, scripts, plays and they’ll even learn to compose poetry.

Biologist and science populariser Maria Yarina will lead the Natural Sciences lab. She’ll be leading kids on excursions into the National Park, where they’ll be studying local plants and fungi, learning how to prepare organic specimens ready for examination with a microscope, while back at the campus they’ll create medicines from the plants, fungi and bacteria they find! Engineer and teacher at RoboLab Kids Nikolai Samokhin, just like last year, is running the Robotics lab. Young developers will be able to work with Nikolai to build and program robots to perform a variety of functions.

Professional coach Ravil Nagaev is going to be responsible for sport for the first group. He’s an experienced kid’s football team coach, and has a pro license from UEFA. He enjoys taking part in all types of sports and knows exactly how to train properly.

The Intellectual Games laboratory will be led by Sergey Korneev, author of scientific and popular programmes for children. Under his leadership, the children will carry out their own experiments, study substances and how they react, make snow, fireworks, steam, smoke and lots more! Oleg Abramov, musician, video blogger and composer will run the Music lab. The kids won’t only learn about music, but also learn how to create and manage their very own blog, with training on how to edit and record interesting videos.