Introducing our experts for the programme “Explore: The Universe”

The list of our experts for the third group, “Explore: The Universe” on the JUST DILIJAN IT! interactive programme, is now ready. From 7 to 20 July, the kids will feel like real scientists as they carry out their own research. UWC Dilijan international college, the entire town of Dilijan and its surroundings will become their open-air laboratory.

The main idea of the third group is about studying the world around us, its limits and possibilities, its peculiarities and its laws.

The children will study what our bodies are capable of, what emotions we can experience and talents we possess in the “Theatre” laboratory under the leadership of the French director, screenwriter, film and theatre actor Benoît Michaud. In his workshop, the kids will learn how to write scripts and create movies, perform on the stage and in front of the camera, fight their fears, reveal their inner selves; living and feeling the roles they play, learning to control their bodies and voices.

Valery and Natalia Cherkashin, will take the kids through the history of the national costume of the various regions of Armenia and the world. Valery is an artist across several genres, including performance art, installations and photography, and Natalia is a designer and teacher. The couple regularly take part in international festivals, exhibitions and performances in the United States, the UK, Germany, Japan, France, Russia and many other countries.

They lead the “Art” lab, where the children will create unconventional art pieces – portraits or figures of each other from newspapers, in Armenian clothing or the national costumes of countries.
Yulia Kuznetsova, professional geographer and science popularizer, will run interactive master-classes in physical geography, geology and ecology, teach the laws of nature and help the children to discover how they work through their own experimentation. Under her guidance, everyone who takes part in the “Natural Sciences” lab will go on field trips, map the terrain, conduct a geological survey, learn the basics of lithology and examine nearby rivers and their sediments.

Technology evangelist, lecturer, scientist, and coordinator of the academic programs of the Department of Strategic Technologies at Microsoft, Dmitry Soshnikov, will lead the “Computer Technology” laboratory during the “Explore: The Universe” programme, and run projects all about programming and IT.

The boundaries of our consciousness and understanding of things will be revealed by Tatiana Ryabukhina – a museum teacher, philosophy lecturer, and curator of children’s educational programmes. In JUST DILIJAN IT! Tatiana will lead the “Humanitarian research” lab. She’s promising to get the kids debating hot philosophical topics.

The “Intellectual Games” laboratory will be led by Sergey Korneev, author of scientific and popular programmes for children. With Sergey’s help, the kids are going to build their own games, set up scientific experiments and have a blast (not literally we hope) mixing chemicals to see how they react.

Vitaly Zabuga will help the kids at the “Robotics” lab to understand what robots can be programmed to do, and how to get them to do it! Vitaly works at ROBOLAB Kids and teaches children in English how to work with robots from the WeDo and Mindstorms series.

The “Sports” lab will be headed by Timofey Kudryavtsev. He’s a soccer coach who works with both boys and girls’ teams of all ages.

Directing the “Film and photography” laboratory will be Galina Stepanova, producer and film director, graduate student of modern history and French literature at the University of Oxford and alumna of the Czech Film School (FAMU). Together with Galina, the kids will be involved in the development of brain training and working on creative writing skills for short artistic and documentary films, as well as learning all the stages of the filmmaking process – from the original concept to the final edit.

“Explore: The Universe”, the third program at JUST DILIJAN IT! will take place from 7 to 20 July on the campus of the UWC Dilijan international school in Armenia. The group will be run entirely in English and is for children and adolescents aged 10 to 16 years of age.