Introducing our experts on “Explore: Culture” programme

The second group running at JUST DILIJAN IT! will be “Explore: Culture”. It is all about history, art, the development of civilization and literature, and runs from 22 June to 5 July.

We’re delighted to present our final list of experts, who will run the laboratories during the “Explore: Culture” programme.

The “Theatre” laboratory is being run by founder of the Small Theatre of the National Centre for Aesthetics in Yerevan, Vahan Badalyan, a theatre director who has gathered multiple awards at prestigious international theatrical festivals, a participant of the Franco-Armenian theatrical project Prunus Armenica, and the artistic leader of the inclusive dance team of the Dance Without Borders project.

Alexander Lyskovsky, founder of one of the biggest Russian IT companies – Alawar Entertainment – will lead the “Computer Technology” laboratory, where kids will learn about gamification, make their own computer games and mobile apps.

Vladimir Lopatin, comic artist, organizer of the Big Festival conic-con, is our expert in the “Art” laboratory. He’s totally going to infect the participants of JUST DILIJAN IT! with his main passion – comics, and give them a deep insight in this culture. By the end of the programme each of them will be able to create their own comic book!

Alexey Kruglov, “the future of jazz” per the British journal Jazzwise, world-famous musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, poet and director, is running our “Music” laboratory. Alexey will teach the kids all about jazz, improvisation, creating musical ensemble and playing all kinds of different genres.

Evgeniya Chapaykina, photographer and lecturer at the Multimedia Art Museum Moscow, is running the “Film and Photography” laboratory. Evgeniya will teach the kids about how to get most out of a digital camera and the a-z of creating their own exhibition, helping them to pick up valuable skills in practical photography in a variety of styles, and much more besides.

On the “Explore: Culture” programme, Alexey Oleynikov, writer and literary journal editor, will again be running his writing studio as part of the “Humanities” laboratory, where kids will learn to write journals, create literary opuses, complete screenplays, prose and poetry.

The laboratory “Natural Sciences” will have Oksana Yudova in the driving seat, a young and enthusiastic explorer, huge fan of geographical hikes. The kids will learn about cartography, mapping and coordinates, and also get involved in quests and the geocashing game. Yegor Konovalov is leading the “Sport” laboratory. Yegor does acrobatics, acrobatic trampoline, extreme sports and wakeboarding, he’s studied kung fu, muay thai and qigong. Nikolai Samokhin, engineer and teacher, remains the king of the robots on the “Explore: Culture” group. In the “Robotics” laboratory, the kids will learn not only how to build their own robots, but how to programme and control them.

The “Intellectual Games” laboratory is being run by children’s science populariser Sergey Korneev. He’ll be continuing to do scientific experiments together with the kids, studying chemical elements and reactions, make snow and fireworks, steam and smoke, and lots of other interesting things.