Bookings for JUST DILIJAN IT! 2017 summer camp are now open

You can find out more about the JUST DILIJAN IT! summer programme, a smart holiday for kids, as well as how to make your booking, on the website. This year, four groups are being arranged, from 7 June to 4 August, each lasting 14 days. Two of the groups will be in Russian and two in English, each for approximately 100-120 kids aged 10 to 16.

Just like last year, JUST DILIJAN IT! is targeted at 10-16 year-olds and is based on an original method of open communication between the participants and the teachers and their engagement in the creative process. “The international JUST DILIJAN IT! programme was extremely successful last year, and provided something interesting for all the kids regardless of their age, social background or which country they came from,” said Andrey Khodzhikyan, the executive director of the Scholae Mundi foundation, the organizers of JUST DILIJAN IT!

The kids in each group can choose subjects that they really want to pursue in one of 10 "laboratories" (Intellectual games, Publishing, Computer technology, Theatre, Architecture and design, Film and photography, Natural sciences, Robotics, Handicrafts, Sport) which will help them in their project and group work. Each group will end with a special event, from an idea’s fair, to an art project, theatre performance and science forum.

The chance to learn through having fun, where the kids can choose subjects that they are really interested in from a wide array of subjects on offer, as well as the outstanding level of experts and educators which JUST DILIJAN IT! attracts, is what makes the programme so special. “We are delighted to announce the addition to our team of Yuri Gorvits, who will lead the 2017 summer programme, and Sergei Korneev, the founder and leader of the Science Holiday interactive educational programme, who will be the science curator for JUST DILIJAN IT! 2017”, said Natalia Podolnaya, director of the educational programme for Scholae Mundi.

One of the bonuses of the JUST DILIJAN IT! is that the kids are surrounded by the Dilijan national park and learn about the culture and history of Armenia, which through trips and excursions turns into an incredible adventure.