JUST DILIJAN IT! is delighted to announce our 2019 line-up of original summer programmes for children and teenagers.
We’ve probably all heard the theory about sending children to a summer camp, from where they come back more independent, responsible and confident. While this may be true, there are some key criteria that need to be in place, without which the camp won’t provide any benefits – and could even have a detrimental effect. If the children’s camp ticks all the right boxes, then it’s very likely that next…
This summer, kids aged 6 – 16 from all over the world will gather on UWC Dilijan campus to live a truly exceptional and thrilling adventure called JUST DILIJAN IT!
It is very important to the organisers of JUST DILIJAN IT! that as many children as possible from all corners of the world are immersed into the atmosphere of our summer programmes – including, of course, kids from Armenia.
The creation of a city-state turned into art therapy, and only a knights’ tournament and a shadow-puppet theatre interrupted it.