Parents who send their children to drama studio think they’ll see the results on the stage. But this is a mistake. Even ardent theatregoers cannot fully appreciate and comprehend all the work that goes into a performance. So what exactly is theatre?
Professional psychologist and resident expert at the JUST DILIJAN IT! international family camp Artem Mitryakhin talks about how difficult it is, but you can still make new friends after you turn 30.
Oksana Kosteniuk – FIDE chess master, head of the Aleksandra Chess School, producer, expert of the children’s programmes at JDI – talks about how chess impacts the future, what chess players and entrepreneurs have in common, and why chess is most definitely a sport.
Today we will share with you a recipe, but not lavash – this we will learn in the camp, just like in the photo from last year’s session, but another traditional Armenian flatbread – zhingyalov hats, which means “bread with herbs”.
Edutainment is a method in which education is inseparable from entertainment. In other words, it is a way of learning through games aimed at the re-creation and assimilation of all aspects of social experience: knowledge, skills, abilities and emotional evaluation activities.