It’s always a good idea to play. After all, the act of playing allows us to learn much more effectively. So, who’s ready for a game?
So, your kid’s back from camp. It’s a day you’ve been waiting for, everything is going back to normal now. But take a step back, things are going to be a little different!
This summer the UWC Dilijan international school campus has been turned into JDI’s secret research institute!
Parents who send their children to drama studio think they’ll see the results on the stage. But this is a mistake. Even ardent theatregoers cannot fully appreciate and comprehend all the work that goes into a performance. So what exactly is theatre?
Professional psychologist and resident expert at the JUST DILIJAN IT! international family camp Artem Mitryakhin talks about how difficult it is, but you can still make new friends after you turn 30.