We’ll make, draw, create and “think” with our hands, build 3D figures and make our way through mysterious labyrinths and quests. We’ll try mathematics by using our sense of touch, sound, and sight, looking for patterns in nature, music and paintings, immerse ourselves in drawing and a ‘number arcade’. The finale will be a lively mathematical performance.

Each programme offers:

  • Creative classes with educators for both the children and their parents

  • Sports and active games

  • Special parents’ programme

  • Walks around Dilijan and the surrounding nature-sanctuary

  • Unique tours around Armenia

  • Master-classes

  • Challenging quests and games of skill

  • Evening discussions and get-togethers just for kids


Maris Segineva

Maris Segineva

Teacher of mathematics at the Intellectual School and methodologist at the Foxford online school, author of the MatheMaris project. Creator of courses in 'multicellular mathematics' for elementary schools and researcher into cognition tools.

"I am in love with mathematics, and want to share the joy of discovery, variability of solutions and the true beauty of the world around with children and parents. We will master polyhedra, play, invent and stage interesting puzzles".

Alexey Oleynikov

Alexey Oleynikov

Engineer, designer, children's writer, author of the 'Jenny Dahlfin and The Hidden Land' series of books, editor-in-chief of the Pereplet journal of children's literature, a teacher of literature in the Ark-XXI Lyceum.

"I am looking forward to the joy of joint discoveries and, of course, creativity without boundaries. The kids will learn to set tasks, to plan their actions, to calculate algorithms and to put everything into action by themselves".


UWC Dilijan campus:

The camp takes place in the spa town of Dilijan, on the spectacular UWC Dilijan campus.

Comfortable twin rooms for parents and children, classrooms, science labs and art workshops, its own FIFA standard soccer pitch, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, a fitness centre, the BlackBox concert complex will all help the children and their parents lose themselves in this unique environment and have a wonderful and valuable experience.



135,000 RUB / 2,250 USD  / 1,080,000 AMD for 1 adult and 1 child
195,000 RUB / 3,250 USD / 1,560,000 AMD for 1 adult and 2 children

Price includes:

  • 9-Day programme for 1 child (or 2 children) and 1 adult, including all the teaching materials that will be needed

  • Excursion programme

  • Five meals per day

  • Accommodation on the UWC Dilijan campus in a twin room

  • Transfer to/from Zvartnots Airport (Yerevan, Armenia) for those participants flying on our recommended flights

  • Please note that airfare and health insurance costs are not included in the cost of the programme.

Feedback from previous participants

Shake Abrahamyan

Thank you for the summer programme, we are so glad that we can send our child to an international quality summer school in our own country.

Shake Abrahamyan

Mother of participant, Yerevan

Olga Parfenova

Vasya returned home completely satisfied, and he's pretty hard to please, and so I can only imagine how wonderful it is there. Thank you for everything!

Olga Parfenova

Mother of participant, Moscow

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