July, 19-27

On this epic quest, you’ll discover the mysteries of ancient peoples, and both the adults and kids will face testing outdoor trials. The participants will learn about ancient customs, find out how to navigate the terrain and form a close-knit team.

Each programme offers:

  • Creative classes with educators for both the children and their parents

  • Sports and active games

  • Special parents’ programme

  • Walks around Dilijan and the surrounding nature-sanctuary

  • Unique tours around Armenia

  • Master-classes

  • Challenging quests and games of skill

  • Evening discussions and get-togethers just for kids

UWC Dilijan campus:

The camp takes place in the spa town of Dilijan, on the spectacular UWC Dilijan campus.

Comfortable twin rooms for parents and children, classrooms, science labs and art workshops, its own FIFA standard soccer pitch, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, a fitness centre, the BlackBox concert complex will all help the children and their parents lose themselves in this unique environment and have a wonderful and valuable experience.



2,250 USD per 1 adult and 1 child

3,250 USD per 1 adult and 2 children

The programme contains:

  • Creative classes with educators for both the children and their parents
  • Sports and active games
  • Walks around Dilijan and the surrounding national park
  • Unique tours around Armenia
  • Challenging quests and games of skill

Price includes:

  • 9-day programme for 1 child (or 2 children) and 1 adult, including all required teaching material
  • Accommodation on the UWC Dilijan campus in a twin room
  • Five meals per day
  • Excursion programme
  • Transfer to/from Zvartnots International Airport (Yerevan, Armenia) for those participants flying on our recommended flights

The price does not include: 

  • Flights
  • Health insurance

Feedback from previous participants

Нарине Карапетян

Спасибо вам и вашей команде! Так как это наш первый опыт, мы все очень волновались. Теперь мы точно с вами! Ждем следующего года.

Нарине Карапетян

мама участницы программы, Москва

Шаке Абрамян

Спасибо вам за летнюю программу, мы очень рады, что можем отправить ребенка в нашей же стране в летнюю школу по международным стандартам.

Шаке Абрамян

мама участницы программы, Ереван

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