Family Programmes

Kids aged 6-9 can enjoy a recreational holiday with their parents

This year JUST DILIJAN IT! is offering family programmes. Kids aged 6-9 can enjoy a recreational holiday with their parents along with a fantastic group of people. Parents can return to their childhood, while kids can play at being grown-ups, and everyone can have fun engaging in creative activities together.

For the first time in 2019, we will have four intensive programmes for the whole family, which are equally appealing to both children and adults. Not only will you get the chance to relax and spend time with your kids, but you’ll also meet new like-minded people and friends, and have a welcome opportunity to recharge your batteries in the warm sun and fresh mountain air.

Our programmes have been designed to offer something for everyone. Every day there are various lessons and master-classes organized for both the youngsters and the grown-ups where you can work on creative projects together. There is also a special programme for the parents, during which time our educators and counsellors will take the children for various handicrafts and other interesting things.

June, 8-16
We’ll dive deep into the culture and traditions of the southern peoples, hold themed parties, learn the history of Carmen the Gypsy, play as smugglers.
Carnival of Cultures
June, 21 – 29
We’re heading directly to Ancient Greece, taking on the appearance of the Olympic gods and finding out why they didn’t always want to play nice with each other!
July, 6 – 14
Chess and football have lots in common: logic, tactics, strategy.