About Armenia

The new JUST DILIJAN IT! family programmes offer kids aged 6 – 9 an enjoyable activity holiday with their parents, along with a fantastic group of people. While the grown-ups slip back into childhood, the children can play at being adults through fun, creative activities and educational trips. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting things open to the parents who come on the family programmes.
Veronika Zonabend spoke to Tatler about Armenia, the homeland of her husband, impact investor Ruben Vardanyan.
Why Starbucks owes Armenians, where Noah parked his ark, how to design a proper castle and who was the genius to first turn grapes into wine? Here are a few ways to find an Armenian trace where you didn’t quite expect it.
Colorful, flavorful, influenced by a number of culinary styles and yet undeniably unique, Armenian cuisine has much to offer even the most demanding taste buds. Here’s a collection of the most exquisite and mouthwatering culinary goodness that’s a must for anyone looking for a true taste of Armenia. Yum!
How to recognize an Armenian cross-stone, what do the red, blue and orange of the Armenian flag stand for, why Armenians love pomegranates and who can read the khaz? Here’s a breakdown of visual images that have most commonly come to stand for Armenia.